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Latest News

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Christmas Times - 7th November 2022
It's nearly Christmas again? As always we'll be closed for the Christmas period to spend time with the family...

May Holidays - 19th April 2021
Please note we close for bank holidays and have a very big family event happening on May 31st and travelling home on June 1st...

Coronavirus Info - 10th December 2020
It's an unfortunate fact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still a serious issue and threat. It's been a tough year for everyone and while we're hopefully approaching the end of it.

Coronavirus Update - 10th July 2020
Coronavirus continues to be a threat and it's caused everyone to rethink how we go about our day to day lives. Restrictions on how businesses operated were made to limit spread and flatten the curve of infection which seems to of been effective when comparing infection rates to counties with more leniant approaches.

Coronavirus Pandemic - 9th April 2020
The pandemic is incredibly serious and so we are following Government Guidance to protect ourselves and our customers. This means that our premises will be closed to the public until further notice.

May Holidays - 27th April 2019
Please note we close for bank holidays and so will not be opening on May 6th 2019(May Bank Holiday) or May 27th 2019 (Spirn Bank Holiday).

Easter Holidays - 16th April 2019
We will be closed for Good Friday (April 19th) and Easter Monday (April 22nd)

Free Art - 10th December 2018
The Art Institute of Chicago has one of the largest collections of art in the world.

Christmas Times - 1st December 2018
Christmas has come around again and we are left here trying to figure out where the year has gone.

Easter Holidays - 23th March 2018
We will be closed for Good Friday (March 30th) and Easter Monday (April 2nd).

Happy Valentine's - 12th February 2018
Many of us don't always take the chances to let that special someone know how much they mean to us, Valentine's Day is the most powerful reminder of this fact.

Home Printing vs Using A Print Shop - 1st August 2017
Should you print things yourself or consider other options? We discuss the importance of printing in house and recognising the values outsourcing offers.

Christmas Times - 1st November 2015
It's the festive time of year again, the time where we all take time to be with our families, eat far too much and become trapped by an avalanche of endless wrapping paper....

Faster Still - 7th May 2015
Just one month ago today we received our new HP Designjet 4000PS. A significant improvement on it's predecessor without any loss of quality. Since installation....

Faster And Faster - 7th April 2015
At Plan It Repro we take a lot of pride in the quality and speed of service we provide. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a new HP Designjet....

Copier Paper - 9th February 2015
At Plan It Repro we use top quality paper provided by Canon. As a bulk consumer we are able to purchase this top quality product....

Christmas Times - 10th December 2014
It's the festive time of year again, the time where we all take time to be with our families, eat far too much and become trapped....

New Website - 15th October 2014
After several years of faithful service, we thought it was finally time to retire the old site and replace it with a slicker, more advanced website....

New Colour Scanner - 3rd September 2014
We received delivery of a new gadget at our print offices on August 14th, packaging was ripped off within minutes of delivery...

Love Paper - 29th November 2012
The international organisation, Two Sides, which promotes the responsible use of print and paper as an attractive, powerful and natural communications medium...

Important Protection - 7th October 2011
Your documents are important, one of the ways to protect your documents is to encapsulate (laminate), as Plan It Repro continues...

Bigger And Better - 15th August 2011
We are proud to announce we have invested in upgrading our poster printer range, now offering prints at up to 42 inches wide...

Tax Increase - 4th December 2010
The UK Government has announced that it will increase the UK standard rate of VAT from 17.5% to 20% on Tuesday, 4th January 2011...