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The international organisation, Two Sides, which promotes the responsible use of print and paper as an attractive, powerful and natural communications medium have launched their latest campaign entitled "No Wonder You Love Paper".

The campaigns features the attractiveness and sustainability of printed medias. Research by Two Sides has revealed consumers are surprised to learn that:
~ European forests have grown by over 30% since 1950 and are increasing by 1.5 million football pitches every year, an area four times the size of London.
~ The European recycling rates for paper reached 69% in 2010. The latest UK figures are 79%.
~ Reading a newspaper can consume 20% less carbon than viewing news online.

Martyn Eustace, Director of Two Sides, comments, "This is a really important campaign which is urgently needed to correct consumer misunderstandings. Our research tells us that magazine and newspaper readers are unaware of the industry’s great record on recycling and that European forests, where the majority of raw material is sourced, are actually growing in size. 80% of UK consumers prefer reading from paper than reading off a screen and we want to let them know the facts about the industry’s record on important environmental issues".

Barry McIlheney, CEO of the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) states: "We live in a multi-media world and readers now look for a choice of media channels. Print is still vital for magazine publishers and offers a unique reading experience that will live on. We want to make sure that, in choosing a printed magazine, readers fully understand that print media also offers a natural reading experience and can be a sustainable way to read".

David Newell, Director of the Newspaper Publishers Association (NPA) comments, "Newspapers still dominate the news media landscape and we need to ensure that our readers understand the environmental facts concerning the paper we use. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and this campaign helps to get the good messages about forests and recycling into the public domain".