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Environment - Changes

There are many ways we have worked to reduce our environmental impact in line with out environmental policies.

~ LCD Monitors - The average flat screen (LCD) will use 50% less energy than an equivalent average conventional (CRT) monitor [1]. We no longer use any CRT monitors.
~ Building Insolation - By improving the insolation of our offices we have reduced our heating requirements.
~ Decentralize - Having applications run on workstations and not from a server reduced electricity requirements.
~ Powering Off Machines - When not needed to be left on we try and ensure we turn off what machinery we can to reduce energy consumption.
~ Sleep/Energy Saving Mode - Utilizing Energy Saving Mode on PCs and equipment is important, it is not always possible to completely turn something off between uses but this reduces energy requirements.
~ Low Power Products - By buying Energy Star products we can guarantee a good energy efficiency rating.
~ Curtains - By having curtains we can reduce heating needed during the day by helping to retain the heat through the night.
~ Low Energy Bulbs - Fluorescent tube lighting is generally far more efficient with energy than incandescent lights tend to be. [2]
~ Boil what is needed - Only boiling the amount of water needed and not filling a kettle.
~ Recycle Waste Paper - Redundant prints or misprints are all set aside and taken to recycle plants where the paper is pulped and reused.
~ Efficient PSU - When building our computers we have invested in 80 Plus PSUs, which ensures we have high-efficiency Power Supplies, resulting in less electricity being wasted.
~ Cycle to Work - We encourage our employees to cycle to work using the Cycle To Work Scheme.

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2. ^ Compiled on Wikipedia from various sources, Luminous Efficacy