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Computer Aided Design

In today's modern world Computer Aided Design (CAD) is growing ever more popular, there are many still drawing by hand but it is a decreasing proportion, especially with larger builds.

CAD allows for a high level of accuracy, great portability and by using simple digital copy and paste reduces time needed to produce multiple elevation drawings.

There are many different CAD packages (software), that vary in price, features and platform (Operating System).

What are the most popular CAD packages?

There are many different packages which suit different requirements, some of the more popular and well known CAD softwares for architectural design include:
~ AutoCAD
~ ArchiCAD
~ Google SketchUp Pro
~ TurboCAD
~ VectorWorks

How can I learn to use CAD?

Many people are self taught with their chosen CAD package but there are other options too, especially with AutoCAD as it is the most popular CAD package available, such as Training Courses, Online Tutorials and Books.

Where can I buy CAD packages?

Autodesk products (AutoCAD) are available from an array of suppliers, such as Amazon, Dabs.com & Misco.

Other CAD software packages are also available from various sources, for help finding suppliers please consult the manufacturers' website.

What if I only wish to view and print CAD drawings?

Autodesk (creators of AutoCAD) produce software called DWG TrueView which will open most common drawing files. Another popular viewer would be eDrawing Viewer